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Cancelation and Refund Policy

Thank you for choosing Educational Theatre Company for your summer camp needs! While we look forward to seeing you at our programs, we understand that, sometimes, things come up, & life happens. Our cancelation policies are listed below for your convenience. 


For cancellations at the opening of registration until 4 weeks ahead of camp:

$50 non-refundable fee for Half Day Camps

$75 non-refundable fee for One Week Camps

$100 non-refundable fee for Two and Three Week Camps


Cancellations within 1 month (4 weeks) of camp only receive a 50% refund.

Camps are non-refundable if cancelled within a week of the first day of camp.


Campers are able to switch weeks or programs as long as there is still space available in the program into which they plan to transfer. Transfering to a camp with a different price will alter the campers' remaining balance accordingly.


For all registrations, half of camp cost is due at time of registration, and the second half of payment is due June 1st.

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