Topics in Theatre: An ETC class for adults

Online Class

Ages 18 & up

Calling all Adults who love Theatre! For the first time, adults of all ages can join ETC teaching artists in a class designed specifically for them! Each week, we’ll collaborate on a specific topic to build confidence and foster creativity.  Learn the art of theatre making from story, to character, to script, that YOU will perform! Students will engage in a full-body approach to storytelling, learning how to use their voice, body, and imagination to portray a character, improvise, and perform confidently.

Acting experience is not required, but expect to be challenged with performance opportunities and techniques that will improve your enjoyment of theatre, communication skills, and ability to think and react quickly on your feet!



July 21-August 18


This class is a part of ETC's Collaborative Classroom initiative. Each class will be taught by a professional teaching artist. You will need a quiet space to engage with the class via computer, phone, or other device. We recommend using a computer if possible.