Topics in Theatre: Improv Intensive

Online Class

Ages 18+

Join ETC teaching artists Francesca Chilcote & Josh Rosenblum for this course focused on improvisation. We'll work on both long-form and short-form games and exercises as we delve deep into the rules and techniques of improv for performance, practice, & everyday life.

Acting experience is not required, but expect to be challenged with performance opportunities and techniques that will improve your enjoyment of theatre, communication skills, and ability to think and react quickly on your feet!



May 12-June 2

$60 - full session $17 - Drop-in

This class is being held via the OnZoom platform. You can purchase the entire class series, or drop-in tickets per week. The latest version of Zoom is required to participate. This class is a part of ETC's Collaborative Classroom initiative. Each class will be taught by a professional teaching artist. You will need a quiet space to engage with the class via computer, phone, or other device. We recommend using a computer if possible.