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It's Not Easy

Prepping for ETC Summer Camps isn't an easy feat!

With camps starting in only 4 days, we thought we'd share a little bit about how we get here each year. We start all the way back in October, planning camp themes, making a list of desired locations, and a back up list... Then in December and January, we send our final decisions to our graphic designer (DesignPowers), adjust our camp descriptions, and update our website and registration systems.

After registration opens, we have a tiny break, before the real work starts! March through June we're working tirelessly to get camp directors and counselors hired, contracts signed, holding meetings to cover our policies & proceedures, ordering T-shirts, coordinating scholarships, organizing our storage unit, preparing extended day supplies, making sure we have all the supplies we need for backdrops, crafts, costumes, & props... And that's just the beginning!

Intern, staff member, Managing Director, & Administrative Assistant all work together to order T-shirts for camp

Now comes the part of the year when we go on site walk-throughs, make sure we have all necessary paperwork from campers, ensure our camp directors are first aid/CPR certified, & support the Teaching Artists as they direct camps all summer long.

The most incredible thing, is that this all gets done almost exclusively by one person, ETC's Managing Director, Ashley Hammond! As our only full-time staff member, Ashley handles a LOT, especially during our busiest season of the year. Hiring staff, coordinating meetings, handling registration(and deregistration) requests, meeting with site staff, attending sharings, taking photos, and even working camps, there isn't a hat Ashley doesn't wear during the summer.

So, as you prepare for your summer plans (which obviously involve ETC), remember to think of the hard work that goes into making it all happen, seemingly effortlessly.


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