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One Crazy Week

We are about half-way through our summer in our busiest week and it's not even August! This week we have 5 camps running, 5! Coming up In August we have 14(!) camps, not to mention the 4 camps next week as well... So, if you're still looking for something to do next month, check out our August camp schedule!

Meanwhile, this week, at ETC Beginnings: Dinosaur Tales, campers have been putting together their sharing for Friday, where they'll be playing hungry dinosaurs! They're using their bodies, voices, and imaginations to learn to portray these ancient creatures(all while being super-serious and having no fun at all). They've also been working on art projects and enjoying some outside time for snack.

Over at Creative Drama: Dinosaur Tales (we love dinos!), campers have also been preparing for a final sharing this Friday. They've been learning a dinosaur song to sing, as well as creating an original story, all while strengthening their actor tools and playing improv games. In addition, they've been making dinosaur crafts, and hearing dinosaur stories.

At Camp Comedy & Camp Comedy Studios, youth campers have spent their first week of camp learning the basics of comedy(and definitely improvisation) as well as acting in the teen campers' films. Teen filmmakers learned the basics of filmmaking and storytelling, with a focus on B&W silent comedies, while creating a film of their own each day.

Musical Debut campers have been hard at work learning the songs for their sharing next Friday. In addition to the music, they also work on acting and dancing, not to mention improv games and generally having a great time... They've got whole numbers to perfect and lines to learn, in only 2 short weeks!

Whew! Lastly, Improv Comedy Troupe in Falls Church has been having a hilarious week of comedy improv, community and ensemble building, and definitely lots of fun! They're working on their timing & physicality, while learning what types of improv games they excel at so they can be ready for their final sharing on Friday.

We have a lot going on, and still more to come. Stay tuned!


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