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PIcture Up!

Join ETC-on-Film for another week of filmmaking madness. Campers will focus on making films in various production roles, such as director, editor, writer, & director of photography, as they work to level up from Young Filmmakers, to Cineastes, to Auteurs. Any experience level is welcome so long as they’re passionate about filmmaking! Picture Up! Filmmakers will use campers from Acting on Screen as their actors. Collaborate with fellow filmmakers in the ever-growing ETC-on-Film Community! Family and friends are invited to see their films on Friday, August 9th.

Picture Up! Is an ETC STEAM Camp.

Times Core Program:

9:00AM - 3:00PM

August 5 - 9

Trinity Presbyterian Church

Fee Core Program: 


Extended Day 

8am - 9am $50 3pm - 6pm $120

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