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The company's educational programs have the same underlying philosophy, underscoring the cohesion the arts create and the possibilities for promoting understanding between diverse cultural groups.


The arts serve as an outlet for expression, not only of modern life's frustrations and anxieties, but also for the celebrations of the human experience. ETC believes that high standards are required for this undertaking, and that new generations of audiences and artists need hands-on arts education provided by professionals in the artistic disciplines.


Our educators not only serve as teachers, but act as role models for youth and upcoming artists. ETC increases access to and participation in high quality theatre programs at the community and professional level.


The mission of ETC is to unlock the potential of children and adults through immersion in theatre arts.


ETC changes lives through the arts by encouraging our four pillars in our students, and staff. 

Each class and program that ETC offers reflects these

'four C's.'





Educational Theatre Company (ETC) is a 501(c)3 arts education organization that has offered process-driven theatre arts programming for students ages 3 -103 since 1998.

All programming is based on ETC’s four pillars: Creativity, Confidence, Collaboration, and Community.

ETC's goal is to reach out to underserved communities in the Arlington, VA/DC Metro Area through high-quality theatre education.

  • Main Stage Residencies (original student-created plays & musicals)

  • After school classes, summer camps

  • Creative Age programming for senior citizens

  • Student-created film programming

  • Devising Hope for adults experiencing homelessness

  • Shakespeare in the Schools(SIS)

  • In-school workshops



ETC believes in community access to theatre education.

  • Opportunities for all students ages 3-103

  • Reaching students where they are

  • Bringing opportunities to historically excluded communities


ETC is committed to creative collaboration in all partnerships.

  • Student to Student

  • Student to Teaching Artist

  • Teaching Artist to Teaching Artist

  • Staff to Community Organizations


ETC creates inclusive programming.

  • Collaborative space for all

  • Inclusion of diverse voices

  • Opportunities for participants to tell their stories

  • Leadership opportunities for all ages


ETC is committed to process-based learning.

  • Respecting Autonomy

  • Encouraging Creativity

  • Enthusiasm for Discovery

  • Ongoing Staff Professional Development Opportunities


ETC is committed to anti-oppression and anti-racist practices.

  • Identifying Injustice and Oppression

  • Acknowledging Injustice and reducing its harm

  • Acknowledging Oppression and reducing its harm

  • Acknowledging Racism and reducing its harm


ETC supports diversity.

  • Respecting a diverse set of voices in decision-making

  • Seeking diversity in participants and staff

  • Providing diverse programming

ETC has a commitment to health and safety.

  • Recognition that health is inclusive of mental and physical well-being

  • Commitment to the fair treatment of all staff

  • Family-friendly

  • Supporting transparent communication

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