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  • What is the COVID-19 vaccination policy?
    ETC will continue to require all campers to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 for camp. Full vaccination means that 14 days have passed since receiving either the second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or the single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. If applicable, ETC recommends that campers also be boosted. Proof of COVID-19 vaccination should be uploaded as a supplemental document in your Active account. Your camper's proof of vaccination must be uploaded no later than two weeks before your camp begins. If your camper becomes eligible for the vaccine during the camp season, our office will work with you to establish a vaccination plan. If you have questions about this policy or if you need help uploading your proof of vaccination, please contact the ETC office. All ETC camp staff are fully vaccinated and boosted. ETC reserves the right to adjust our COVID policies if CDC guidelines change in response to the pandemic. If we make any changes to our policies by the summer, families will be notified via email and updates will be posted on our website.
  • Do campers have to wear masks?
    Mask wearing is optional but not required. However, if you choose to send your camper with a mask, we will encourage them to wear it based on your recommendation.
  • Do I have to sign a release or waiver? What forms are required?
    Yes, there are a few documents you will need to sign by June 1st. An ETC Waiver An In-Person Summer Camp Policies Waiver And one document required two weeks before your camp Proof of Vaccination This summer we are continuing to require proof of COVID-19 vaccination to be uploaded as a supplemental document in your Active account. Your camper's proof of COVID-19 vaccination must be uploaded no later than two weeks before your camp begins. If you have questions about this or need help uploading your proof of COVID-19 vaccination, please contact the ETC office. You can sign it at the time of registration or log into your account at any time before camp to sign the waivers and upload proof of COVID-19 vaccination. All film camp attendees must also sign the Photo & Video Release in order to attend camp.
  • Where is camp? The location is listed as TBA!
    The locations for many of our camps are still being determined by Arlington Public Schools, the Department of Parks and Recreation, and our private partners. Check our website for the most updated locations. We also post notices to our mailing list as locations are updated. You can sign up for our mailing list on the homepage of our website. County locations are subject to change which is out of ETC control. If a change in location or camp time is necessary, families will be notified immediately. If the change does not work for your family, ETC will process any cancellations or transfers if necessary according to our stated policies.
  • What is the cancellation/refund policy?
    Cancellation/Refunds We understand that summer plans can change. We will continue to offer flexible options for families who may need to adjust their summer schedule. For cancellations at the opening of registration until one week ahead of camp: A full refund minus ETC’s camp system transaction fees* (9%) For cancellations within 1 week of the camp: A 50% refund Camps are non-refundable if cancelled within the camp week Campers must show proof of vaccination to attend camp. ETC vaccination policies are in the registration form and all families must check that they understand the policy to register. ETC reserves the right to charge at least a 9% system transaction fee to any family that asks for a refund due to the vaccination policy. *ETC incurs fees averaging 9% from Active Camps and Classes (including credit card fees) that are taken at the time of registration and are not able to be refunded. We encourage you to consider other options, which include: Donate all or part of your tuition to ETC Receive a credit to put toward a future ETC program or event (credit may be used through Dec 31, 2023) For special circumstances, ETC reserves the right to issue refunds at its discretion. Cancellation/Refunds of Extended Day For Extended Day cancellations at the opening of registration until 1 week ahead of camp: A non-refundable fee of 9% of extended day tuition will be withheld. Extended Day cancellations are non-refundable if cancelled within a week of the first day of camp. Extended Day is subject to being canceled if the minimum registrations number is not met. ETC will notify families in a timely manner so alternate arrangements can be made. For special circumstances or low enrollment, ETC reserves the right to issue refunds at its discretion.
  • How do I redeem my ETC credit?
    If you received a credit from a previous ETC program, it will be shown as available credit in your Active account. To redeem your credit, when selecting payment in the cart, select ‘Pay in full’ and then your credit balance will appear. You can then check the box to use your available credit balance. If your credit balance is less than your purchase, the remaining credit will stay in your account to use in the future. If your credit balance is more than your purchase, the system will deduct your credit from your cart and then you can pay for the remaining amount with your payment of choice.
  • How do I redeem my Auction Item or Scholarship?
    To redeem an Auction Item or Scholarship, email with a copy of your document and which camp you'd like to register for. To apply for a scholarship, fill out our form here. (Please note: Auction Items and Scholarships are not redeemable for camps held through the City of Falls Church)
  • Can I transfer my registration to another week or camp?
    Campers are able to switch weeks or camps as long as there is still space available in the program into which they plan to transfer. Transferring to a camp with a different price will alter the campers’ remaining balance accordingly.
  • When is my registration payment due?
    For all registrations, half of camp cost is due at the time of registration, the second half of payment will automatically be charged on June 1st, 2023. All registrations after June 1st, will have to be paid in full. If your family has special circumstances that prevent you from paying in full by June 1st, please contact the office as we can work with you to set up a payment plan that works for you.
  • How do I log into my Active account?
    Just click here: Active Login
  • What is ACTIVE Advantage? - Do Not Enroll-
    ACTIVE Advantage is a non-ETC rewards program offered through Active Camps and Classes, ETC’s 3rd party registration system. This is not required to enroll in an ETC camp. There is a membership fee of $89.95. Upon registering for an ETC program, you will have the option to join their trial rewards program ACTIVE Advantage. If you checked the box in error, please contact the ACTIVE customer support team at or by phone at 866-561-0647 to unenroll. From ACTIVE Camps and Classes “ACTIVE Advantage is a rewards program that allows registrants to sign-up for other programs and purchase gear at discounted rates. After they have registered for a program, they are offered a trial membership for ACTIVE Advantage, and if they consent to enrollment, they must cancel before the trial membership is over to avoid being charged the membership of $89.95 (annual price). If they do not enroll, they are not charged. Please note that the offer appears after registration has been completed and registrants MUST check the accept box to be added as a trial member. It is not automatic.”
  • I registered my child for camp, when will I learn more details about the camp?
    A welcome email will be sent out at least a week in advance to parents and guardians containing specifics about camp details, reminders, what to expect, and other important information.
  • Can I let a camp director know more specific information about my child?
    If more information is needed about a medical concern or behavioral issues, you may list any specific information in the camp registration form or please contact the ETC office at (703) 271-0222 or
  • Who directs and works at the camps?
    Our ETC Camp Directors are highly trained teaching professionals in the DC metro area. They specialize in the specific camp themes or topics and many are year-round ETC teaching artists. We also have a pool of professional, college, and high school camp staff that join us each summer.
  • What's the camper to counselor ratio?
    All of our summer camps maintain a 10:1 student to teacher ratio, except for ETC Beginnings for Preschoolers which has an 8:1 ratio. This year, in accordance with local state, city and building regulations, ETC’s ratios may be lower depending on the number of participants and staff allowed in the space.
  • Where do I register for ETCs Falls Church Camps?
    ETC partners with the City of Falls Church to offer a spring break camp and four camps each summer. If you want to register your child for Musical Theatre, Acting Out: The Basics, Improv Comedy Troupe, or Skits & Sketches, you can do so HERE. If you have any questions about payment or registration please contact the Falls Church Community Center at (703) 248-5077.
  • What's the schedule for each day of camp?
    Each camp begins with a full camp activity, normally a warm-up or getting to know you game. After that, campers rotate through different theatre activities whether it is an improvisation game, acting exercise, movement exercise, rehearsal, filming/editing, or arts and crafts. Campers will then have lunch and downtime/outdoor break. The afternoon will be filled with more of those activities or oftentimes campers will rehearse for the sharing.
  • How can I sign my child up for Extended Day?
    Extended day can be selected at the time of registration or added anytime by logging into your Active account. ETC offers extended day for many of our youth camps. We are offering morning and afternoon extended day from 8am-9pm & 3pm-6pm at some of our camps. ETC reserves the right to cancel extended day up until two weeks prior to the start of camp due to low registrations. A refund for the cost of extended day would be issued.
  • Will there be a performance or sharing at the end of the camp?
    All camps will have a performance or sharing of activities they have been doing in camp. In the past, sharings have included informal games, stories, and scenes they have rehearsed in camp to evening performances or film screenings. Family and friends are invited to attend.
  • Will campers go outside?
    All camps will have both indoor and outdoor time(weather permitting). Teens may not have scheduled outdoor time, but they will have the opportunity to go outside if desired. Film camps will film in small groups outdoors throughout camp.
  • What does my camper need to bring to camp?
    Water - We advise that your camper brings a full water bottle with their name on it to camp each day. Camp sites have water fountains that are accessible to campers. Sunscreen and Bug Spray - We suggest applying sunscreen and/or bug spray to your child before camp if desired. Campers may bring their own to apply during camp if necessary. ETC staff can help with application when necessary. We are happy to remind them to re-apply before heading outside.
  • Is lunch or a snack provided?
    Campers in full day camps should bring their own lunch to camp each day. We eat lunch around 11:30am or 12:00pm. Many of our younger camps will have scheduled snack breaks, but it is also a good idea to pack snacks for older campers and anyone attending extended day that they can eat on their own.
  • Who do I tell if my child has allergies?
    When registering, please list any allergies in the online registration form. Our office and camp directors will be monitoring this list and providing any information to camp staff. If there are campers who have allergies, we will notify parents in our welcome email as to what foods are restricted.
  • Are camp staff CPR and First Aid certified?
    All of our camp directors are certified in First Aid and CPR. If your child has an EpiPen for food allergies, please talk to your camp director on the first day. If you would like to leave your child’s EpiPen with the camp staff for the entire camp, please feel free to do so, or you can leave it in your child’s bag. We also keep first aid kits at all of our summer camps and will notify you at the end of camp if first aid was administered. If a larger injury takes place, we will contact the parents/guardians immediately. This very rarely happens. Our staff will err on the side of caution and will report all incidents.
  • Where and when do I pick up or drop off my camper?
    Each camp has its own drop off and pick up area assigned and will follow our in-person guidelines. Specific information will be emailed out to parents in their camp welcome email a week before camp begins. Ideally we will hold drop off and pick up at the same location each day, but if something changes, you will be notified. We will often be setting up prior to the start of camp and will begin check in promptly at 8:55am.
  • What if I can't make it to pick up on time?
    Camp ends promptly at 12:00 for half day preschool camps, 3:00pm for full day camps, and 6:00pm for extended day depending on the location. Parents/Guardians will be assessed a late fee of $1 per minute for any child not picked up within 10 minutes of the end of camp.
  • What are the camp Rules of Conduct, and what's the 3 Strike Rule?
    ETC sets high expectations for our campers andhopesto challenge them artistically as well as to provide a fun experience. To maintain these goals of the camp, all campers must all agree to the rules of conduct. These rules and our 3 Strike Policy will be sent out in the welcome letter as well as reviewed on the first day.
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