In-Person Classes

In-Person Class Policies


 All classes will maintain the following guidelines:


  • Classes will be capped at 8 (ETCB) and 10 (K and above) students

  • Classes will be outdoors only

  • The teacher will set-up specific spots for each student

  • No activities will include physical interaction

  • All participants, parents, and instructors have a responsibility to maintain a minimum of 6 feet of physical distance during drop off, class time, and pickup.

  • Teacher and students must wear masks at all times

    • ETC will provide a disposable mask for the teacher, but they may choose to use their own

    • ETC will provide backup masks if students show up without a mask

    • Parents must have masks on for drop-off and pick-up

    • If parents choose to stay near for the class (or, in the case of ETCB, be involved), they must also keep their masks on

  • Parents will be given a specific area to wait for dismissal or to watch the class if they chose, as identified by the teacher

  • Teacher will determine if the class needs to be canceled due to inclement weather by an hour before the start of class and will communicate any decisions to the primary parents via email

  • Teacher will take their own temperature an hour before class and cancel if they have a fever - this will be communicated to the families via primary parent emails immediately.

  • Each student will have their temperature taken by the teacher upon arrival via no-touch thermometers.  Students showing a temperature above 99.5*F will immediately be sent home.

  • Each student or family will respond to a symptom checklist at drop-off.  Students who are showing symptoms will be sent home.

  • If state or county policies change in such a way that the class must immediately end in-person, it will move to our virtual online format.

  • If a teacher does not feel comfortable completing a session due to a growth or spike in numbers, we will work with that teacher to either determine the best plan of action to cancel the class and still respect the ability to refund families and pay the teacher OR to find a replacement teacher in a timely manner. 


Parent Expectations (and requirements - these will be listed at registration and we will require a signed DocuSign before starting class):

  • Families will communicate with Teacher ASAP if student or any immediate family or household member is exposed to Covid-19 or starts to show symptoms

    • This period of exposure and symptom time begins at the start of the first class of the session and continues for 14 days after the last class in the session

  • Families agree to provide masks, water, and towels or blankets for spacing for students

  • Families agree to abide by all ETC policies, particularly as they pertain to in-person classes

    • Families that do not abide by these policies risk removal from the class without refund

  • Adults doing drop-off agree to wait until their student’s temperature is taken to confirm that they can stay for the class


If a student in the class, an immediate family member, or the teacher is exposed to Covid-19 or shows symptoms during the span of the session:

  • All families will be notified immediately by the ETC office that there has been a possible exposure

  • Class will be canceled for two weeks to allow all participants and teacher to quarantine

    • If class resumes, only one class will be made-up, the other is simply canceled

    • If class cannot resume (teacher or other students show symptoms or test positive), families will be refunded half the prorated rate for the remaining classes in the session, i.e. if four classes out of 6 are remaining, families will receive a 33% refund of their tuition

  • The exposed student can only return to class with a negative Covid-19 test result from a doctor that is no more than 48 hours old.