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Backstage with ETC

There are many things I love about teaching with Educational Theatre Company. I could wax lyrical about the fabulous teaching artists, enthusiastic administrative staff, and energy that infuses every part of the company. But before I get ahead of myself, I’m going to tell you WHAT it is about ETC that makes it a great company and stand out for its excellence in theatre education.

Musical Debut Camp

ETC has something for everyone, with programs from ages 3-103.

We believe the arts are integral at every part of your life, and know the importance of using both your body and mind to express yourself! Our programs range from our Preschool Camp: ETC Beginnings to our classes for older adults: ETC Creative Age.


New camps and classes every year.

ETC teaching artists are encouraged to explore their individual interests in the arts in the DC theatre community, and bring their ideas for new camps and classes to ETC. This is why we have new programs to offer every year! This summer, we have two NEW camps: Puppet Palooza and Composer’s Corner, created by teaching artists Josh Rosenblum and Andrew Zimmer.

Our dedication to serving the underserved.

ETC believes the arts are for everyone and we are always looking for grants and donors so that we can expand the number scholarships we give. Thanks to our generous donors, we are able to provide free classes, camps, workshops, and residencies to students who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford after school or summer activities.

Our devoted families and volunteers!

It means so much to us when campers return year after year, and younger siblings eagerly participate after seeing their older siblings perform. We are indebted to our fans and volunteers who give us support to make our shows come alive! Be sure to check this blog for upcoming ETC happenings, volunteer opportunities, and a backstage look at what we do!

Looking forward to sharing our love of the arts with you,

Miss Morgan

Miss Morgan

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