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A Holiday Message

I was doom scrolling in bed this morning and was very worried about Omicron. I felt this overwhelming sense of dread and fear as I saw the numbers climb and heard from friends who had gotten COVID. I took a cleansing breath and heard the voice of my yoga teacher, Kristen, in my head. All semester, she has been talking about “the tools of yoga providing you with the ability to have choices and the control over outside forces in our lives. We have been talking this fall about the choices we make – conscious and unconscious. Those which serve us, and those which do not. How our choices can impact others as well, both negatively and positively.”

So, I made a conscious choice to be grateful this morning and to be joyful about the holidays. In the parking lot of Hmart, an elder Korean lady was struggling to carry a huge bag of rice and bags of groceries, I offered to carry her rice and wished her Happy Holidays. This holiday joy was spreading because I made a choice. I received an email in the grocery store about this blog post. In the rush of the holidays and the crush of Omicron, I had forgotten about the ETC duty. I was initially panicked and felt guilty for forgetting. Then I made another conscious choice to be grateful and joyful.

I am so very grateful for our ETC Community. We would not have survived the COVID pandemic without the amazing outpouring of support from all of you. I am grateful for my staff, especially Ashley and Katie. They are the backbone of this company. I am grateful for my board, especially the board members retiring in 2021 and the board members joining us in 2022. Most of all, I am grateful for you. Like players without an audience, without you, we would be a gaggle of teachers without students to share our passion with.

Happy Holidays!!! I hope this blog post brings you joy or at least a little smile. Jamie, Eli and I are baking cookies, watching It’s a Wonderful Life, and being grateful tonight. I hope you find your holiday joy.




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