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August already?!

What a whirlwind July was... This last week especially. We had two 2-week camps and a Creative Drama as well as our third Falls Church camp end on Friday, whew! And now we're at the beginning of 5 more camps!!

Last week's camps ended spectacularly with 4 sharings on Friday.

Creative Drama - Magical Mischief campers shared their crazy mischievous imaginative creations with their audience, such as kittycorns & doggycorns who joined in a magical adventure. Stories of coronations and dancing the night away at royal balls were highlighted by the custom backdrops the campers made as well. All this came together after a week of learning some acting basics as well as learning all about character, setting, & story structure. Not to mention the dragons, fairies, and witch/wizard hats they made!

For the second week of Musical Debut, campers finished learning the lyrics and choreography for their 4 songs (Comedy Tonight from "A Funny Thing Happened on the Forum", Neat to be a Newsboy from "Working: The Musical", Kids! from "Bye Bye Birdie", & Broadway Baby from "Follies"). They then spent time taking their improv ideas for the show and solidifying them into a script that ties the songs together. Blocking the show and creating the props they needed were also on the list for the week, culminating in their original show: The Imagination Situation! Friends and family were the first (and only) audience to ever see this one-of-a-kind production on Friday.

Camp Comedy and Camp Comedy Studios also finished up this past Friday with the Camp Comedy Smorgasbord, a sampling of everything the campers in both camps have worked on for 2 weeks. The Youth campers at Camp Comedy shared some improv games, as well as sketches they wrote that incorporated the rules of comedy as well as some slapstick (and lots of laughs).

Teen campers at Camp Comedy Studios also shared some improv games with the audience, such as the joke creating game Vaudeville. The whole thing ended with a screening of the films made by the Camp Comedy Studios Teens that star the Youth campers from Camp Comedy. They're all up on our YouTube channel for you to watch over and over again. We also had our first "Cineaste" badge earned by a Camp Comedy Studios camper!

Our third Falls Church camp for the summer, Improv Comedy Troupe, was also last week and had their final sharing on Friday. They performed fun games like "New Choice/Ding!", "Taxi Driver", & "World's Worst" for their audience of family and friends to start. As a follow up to the hilarious improvisation, some of the campers performed original sketches that they wrote based on ideas they had during camp improvisation time.

And now it's on to our 8th week of camp this summer, with two more 2-week camps starting, another Creative Drama, and our last Falls Church camp! Keep an eye out later this week for details about them...


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