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Back In Person with SIS

Wow. There are so very many words to describe the feeling of performing in a school after a two year drought, and yet I am compelled to invent more. Carlin Springs is one of SIS’ oldest programming partners. I remembered the entry, the cafeteria stage, and our generous facilitator Carol. Everything was familiar. Everything was new.

My blood was quick as I approached. It wasn’t just a return to SIS for me, this was also my first residence as the SIS program Director. Talk about stakes. I am a worrier, by nature, and after all that time away I had almost forgotten why I loved this program so much. Thankfully I had my two favorite perks waiting to greet me: the company, and the students.

First, I will give myself this small credit: I sure can pick ‘em. There were three returning company members, including myself; and that was a source of great comfort and joy. However, watching our two new teaching artists Kullan Edberg and Nicole Amico, take full charge as the leading lady’s of Misdummer Night’s Dream quite literally brought me to tears. How could we let ourselves miss this for so long!? All of sudden, I was back in the playground of the proscenium, telling silly stories with friends. That could have been enough, but as luck would have it, we also had the greatest audience in the world.

5th graders have a lot going for them. Their brains are well sharpened, and are mostly still free from the insipid urge to be “cool”. As a result, they can observe everything around them with absolutely no reservations about their reaction to it. My ideal crowd. Maybe it's just been awhile, but It also felt like they were as happy to see us as we were them. It didn’t stop at curtain call either. Each class was positively buzzing with curiosity! ‘Electric’ feels too mundane to describe their enthusiasm. We weren’t just juggling a spark between us, it was a living connection. Cosmic is all that comes to mind.

As a teaching artist, I say sincerely and with gratitude that being humbled by students and staff is, quite frankly, the norm. That is precisely why I have been unable (or unwilling) to separate my work on stage, from that in a classroom for my entire career. Teaching makes me accountable. After so much time away, I had remembered that much. The great surprise of SIS at Carlin Springs something I had forgotten: empowerment.

So, with a full heart and a great big grin, may this post serve as a triumphant trumpet from on high, proclaiming our proud promise to all those brave educators with an open corner of their cafeteria:


And we cannot wait to see you!



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