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Updated: Jul 24, 2021

This is our busiest week of the summer! Campers are acting, singing, dancing, filming, improvising, and more. Here are some snapshots from the week! If you want more photos, follow this link.

ETC Beginnings: Dragons, Mermaids, and Unicorns

So far, campers have created their own creatures, completed 3 art projects, and used their actor tools to go on a dragon quest!

Creative Drama: Heroes vs. Villains

This week, campers have used their super powers for both good and evil, created their own unique characters, acted out a story, & even made costume pieces!

Camp Comedy & Camp Comedy Studios

These 2-week camps aren't even halfway through, and already so much has happened! Youth campers have acted in films directed by teen campers as well as worked on their acting skills separately. Meanwhile, teen campers have also started learning editing, and are writing a musical film!

Other Camps

Falls Church: Comedy Improv Troupe, and Musical Debut also started this week. Comedy Improv Troupe is one of our camps that combines ages 8-18 in a single program, teaching them to work together, for hilarious outcome in this case. Musical Debut is a 2-week camp, where campers perform a musical revue with an original script. This year the theme is Greek mythology. Make sure to check back for updates!


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