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Camps Are Ending...

This is our very last week of ETC Summer Camp for 2022, and what a week it's been!

Some magical creatures have been spotted at ETC Beginnings this week as campers learned to use their actor tools(body, voice, & imagination) to become strange and exotic beasts with a desire to act. They've been leprechauns, yetis, and so much more! Along the way, they've learned what rehearsal mean, written lyrics to a song, and done some awesome art projects.

Meanwhile, heroes & villains have been facing off at Creative Drama this week. In addition to working on their acting skills, campers have also make masks & shields to use in their final sharing. Who will win, the heroes or the villains?! We'll find out on Friday.

Acting Out camp is split in 2 sections this week, with youth campers really focusing on their acting, and teen campers learning to direct. The youth campers have been hard at work learning their scenes for their sharing, directed by the teen campers, who have also been honing their acting skills while adding "director" to their resumes. Both sections of camp have been building an ensemble and learning to make choices based on the text.

Fall is truly just around the corner, and as sad as we are to see summer go, we're always looking forward to the next thing. Keep an eye out for several exciting announcements coming soon.


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