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Creatures or Animals?

This week at ETC Summer Camps, we have both!

At Creative Drama - Magical Creatures, campers wrote a story as a group that will be shared with guests on the last day of camp, and according to camp director Ms. Katie, it's incredible! Campers have also been making magical creature related artwork, building their actor tools, making new friends, and generally figuring out what theatre camp is all about.

Campers share their energy and imaginations

Meanwhile at ETC Beginnings - Animal Tales, some of our youngest campers have been busy learning about all kinds of animals while learning to use their bodies, voices, and imaginations. They acted out jungle animals, and made a lion's mane using a fork for an art project. They're preparing their own version of the story "Giraffes Can't Dance!" to share with family members on the last day of camp.

The Tempest: A Shakespeare Teen Intensive camp also started this week, and we're just getting going! Check back for updates on that and all our camps throughout the summer, and if you haven't, you can still register for camp!


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