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Going Out Big

This is our last week of summer camps for 2021, and we're still going strong. To find out how we're changing lives through the arts this week, read on.

ETC Beginnings: Dinosaur Tales

The campers at Dinosaur Tales this week are all dinosaurs, but shhhh, 'cause it's a secret! They've been using their bodies, voices, and imaginations to explore the world of dinosaurs, including acting out a new dino-story every day. They've also completed several art projects.

Creative Drama: Animals A to Z

At Animals A to Z, campers have learned about a lot of animals, from an African Safari, a good 'ole farm, & even the Antarctic! Not to mention they've each created their own unique animal as well.

Acting Out: Stories

Learning how to tell a good story is the theme of this week's Acting Out camp. Campers have been working on scenes from Oscar Wilde, Shakespeare, and even Monty Python! They've also been developing their actor skills with language, movement, and improv exercises.


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