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Got the Cold Weather Blues?

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

ETC is Already Dreaming of Summer

As the leaves are turning beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow all around us all we can think about is our puffy jackets, a cup of hot cocoa and…CAMP?

We just can’t help it. All of this in-person fall programming is making us excited for what's to come!

We’ve got spring covered – we will be offering more in-person programming like more Drama Days on school holidays, more after school classes, and another Spring Break Camp ‘Storytellers Take the Stage!’ at the Falls Church Community Center. But wait…there’s more!

We are busying around applying for camp locations with Arlington County Parks and Recreation and the City of Falls Church. It takes a village to plan the 28 sessions of ETC summer camps!

All of this in-person fall programming is making us excited for what's to come!

We are racking our brains to come up with the most exciting, educational and fun camp themes we can offer. We ask ourselves questions like – should we take campers on another outer space adventure next summer? Or is it time to bring back some pirates? Hmmm...

We’ve got the teens covered too for spring and summer. ‘Devising Hope’ is making a comeback for a spring and summer session. This partnership combines Street Sense vendors who have battled homelessness with teens who work together to create an original theatre piece!

Teen camp planning is also underway as we scout out new film locations, as well as how we can add a teen songwriting camp into the mix!

For all the classic theatre lovers - we have already been working with famed Shakespeare Camp Directors, Sasha Olinick and Mary Myers, to pick the Shakespeare play for summer 2022…but we won’t tell just yet. You will never be able to guess which play! No rain storm, gale force winds or hurricane will ever make us tell you this early!!!

To say ETC is thinking ahead to spring and summer 2022 is an understatement. We can’t wait to do more and more and more in our community!

Save the Date

ETC summer camp registration will open in mid-January. Registration for spring break camp through the City of Falls Church will open in February. We will post specific registration dates for all programming on our website Sign up for our mailing list to stay on top of all of the ETC news.


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