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Updated: Aug 12, 2021

If you're sad that summer is half way over, don't worry! We've got 6 more weeks and 21 more camps! Here's what's been happening at ETC Summer Camps this week.


ETC-on-Film camps have just begun!

At Intro to Film camp, students learn the basics of the filmmaking process first-hand. This week, campers wrote and storyboarded three films: an action-adventure, a murder mystery, and a slapstick comedy. They are learning how to collaborate in the roles of Director of Photography, Director, Assistant Director, and Actor.

The final steps involve editing their footage and sharing their films with the world!

You can see the final product on our YouTube page starting Friday at 7 PM.


This week also saw another week of Creative Drama camp get campers using their minds, bodies, & imaginations as they explored Dinosaur Tales. Campers wrote an original tale for their sharing on Friday that's an incredible underwater dinosaur adventure! They've also made dinosaur art projects and played dinosaur-themed games all week long.


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