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July July July

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Camp camp camp! It's the second week of July, which always marks the start of our busiest few weeks of summer camp. This week we've been running 3 camps at 3 sites, including our first camp at Falls Church for the summer. (Just wait till next week when we have 5 camps running)

Creative Drama - Fairytales: Happily Never After campers have been busy learning not only the actor's tools of voice, body, & imagination, but putting those tools to good use as they learn classic fairytales (some with a twist) and write out their very own original fairytale based on what they've learned. According to Camp Director Ms. Katie, it's one of her "favorite fairytales [she's] every heard" so we can't wait to share it with all of you! Friends and family will get the first look, though at Friday's end of camp sharing, where they'll also get to see the amazing crafts the campers have created including wands, masks, & crowns.

Our first Falls Church camp for the summer is a new one! While Musical Theatre isn't new to ETC, we've never done a musical theatre camp at Falls Church and we're so excited! Camp Director Nigel and Assistant Director Rachel have been having a blast teaching our enthused campers 2 songs: "We're All Made of Stars" from the musical Finding Neverland and "I Want It Now" from the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The campers have also been collaborating on the choreography for the songs. We can't wait to see the final performance!

And at Intro to Film camp, our first ETC-on-Film camp of the summer (and our first FULL camp of the summer), campers have been working hard all week to take their film ideas from brain, to paper, to completed. They've got 7 films in production with post already started on several. Films are covering a wide range, from a dark thriller, to a romantic comedy, and four full-on zany comedies. And they'll all be available to watch on our ETC-on-Film YouTube channel soon!

So we're moving right along and looking forward to next week when there will be even more craziness to tell you about. Oh, and did we mention we're already planning Fall Classes?! More on that soon...


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