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Meet Amanda

Amanda Whiteman is one of our teaching artists working on the Cardinal Main Stage Residency, "Mythical Mayhem". We asked her to share a little bit about herself with all of you!

Amanda with her daughter, Charlie, a longtime ETC student

ETC: How long have you been a teaching artist with ETC?

Amanda: This is my first year working with ETC; however, we have been an ETC family for several years. My children have participated in their camps and main stage production for 4 years. ETC: Why do you like teaching theatre camps/classes?

Amanda: I love teaching theatre because I love facilitating community building. Participating in the performing arts allows for opportunities to connect and engage deeply as an ensemble, while also celebrating our unique and creative differences. It is so much fun to help this happen inside a classroom! ETC: What is your go-to theatre game?

Amanda: Energy ball ETC: What's something interesting we don't know about you?

Amanda: The most adventurous thing I have done is to paraglide off the side of a mountain in New Zealand. (I'll pass on the bungee jump!)

ETC: What other hobbies or activities do you do when you aren't teaching with ETC?

Amanda: When I'm not at ETC, I'm running around with my three kids, working with my dance company, trying to get my dog to stop eating legos, bringing dance integration into early childhood classrooms, and hanging out in nature as much as possible.

ETC: If a student would describe you, what would they say?

Amanda: My ETC students would say that I am always messing up the words to Mr. Nigel's awesome songs and that I like to use sound effects to help teach choreography.

ETC: Why did you choose to work with ETC?

Amanda: It is so wonderful to work with a theatre company that values student-driven process. I really believe this is the best way for children to learn!


You can see all the hard work Amanda has put into choreographing "Mythical Mayhem" at Cardinal Elementary next week!

Mythical Mayhem: Olympians & Mortals

3rd & 5th Grades, Nov. 18, 7PM


Mythical Mayhem: The Odysseys 2nd & 4th Grades, Nov. 19, 7PM


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