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Molly in the classroom

Hello all! My name is Miss Molly and I have been a teaching artist with Educational Theatre Company for the past 4 years. I have had the pleasure of teaching a variety of programs from ETC-on-Film/camps to most recently our mainstage residency productions! Along with Cardinal Elementary Mainstage Residency, I have also been doing in school programming with all 4th grade classes during their Specials period! Each session has been about a different aspect of the weather that they have been learning in their classes.

In the session through a variety of games, we used our bodies and imaginations to create weather tools, clouds and finally weather maps! With the weather tools, and clouds we played charades and everyone had to figure out what type of tool/cloud they were portraying. For the weather map, we actually became a weather map in the room, representing during air pressures and fronts. It was a wonderful experience and each group brought their own creativity to the lesson! The students had to work together, and finds way to physicalize the material in their own unique way. They jumped in ready to create and perform!

What I find the most rewarding about this program is seeing the students really let their imaginations run, especially with something like science that's not usually done in a theatrical way!! Even though I was teaching the same lesson plan each day, each class brought a new energy and creativity. No one group was the same, even if they were doing the same prompt. It felt like the possibilities were endless of what they could do! It was so wonderful and ETC has really done such an amazing job of creating a space for students to share thoughts, feelings, and ideas through the world of theatre. By the end of the session, the students had strengthened their knowledge about the material and provided new insight on it. It was so magical and I am so happy that I got to be apart of it.


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