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Old is New

This week's summer camps have one thing in common: taking old things and breathing fresh life into them!

At Creative Drama: Fairytales: Frozen Fun, campers have been exploring fairytales, mixing them up, adding new characters(did someone say Olaf?), and using their actor tools to create amazing, silly, adventure-filled fairytales of their own. They've been holding daily "open mic" sessions for creativity and storytelling to flow freely as well as created several fairytale crafts.

Freezing is a very important part of Frozen Fun

Shake the Screen filmmakers have been hard at work for nearly 2 weeks creating original film adaptations of classic stories. This summer they've worked on adaptations of "The Phantom of the Opera," " Henry IV," "A Christmas Carol," & a combination of "Alice in Wonderland" with "Anne of Green Gables." They've all learned the important roles of director, writer, actor, editor, master electrician, & director of photography while collaborating to make these 4 films a reality.

Collaboration is key for filmmaking

In their nearly two weeks of camp, Musical Revue campers have taken 4 existing songs and fit them into a completely original story. They've worked on learning the songs, creating and perfecting the dances, creating characters, writing the story, finalizing the script, and are now working tirelessly to make their performance the best it can be! The way they managed to integrate the songs with their story is truly fantastic. They're nearly ready for the big show on Friday!

Improvisation leads to unique characters

We have 2 weeks left of camp, so stay tuned for what's next!


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