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One More Week

We can't believe there's only one week left of summer camps! This summer truly flew by. Here's what we were up to this past week.

ETC-on-Film camps are about to wrap up for the summer with another successful That's a Wrap under our belts. This weeks films included spies, magic beings, animals and criminals. We'll be sharing all of this summer's films in our Sept. newsletter, so be sure to sign up. And keep an eye out for information about ETC-on-Film Club for middle & high schoolers.

The stage is set for this summer's Page to Stage original play! Campers have

worked for 2 weeks to create a plot, characters, conflicts, & settings for their original work. They've written(and rewritten) the script, improvised to find the best version of a joke, and had a fabulous time honing their actor tools, and stretching their playwriting muscles. Not to mention that the whole camp moved locations in the middle! This year's play (set in an IKEA) is sure to be one to remember.

Campers at Creative Drama: Animal Tales have been having a very silly time creating their amazing, action-packed animal tale full of spikey characters to share with families at the end of camp. Along the way they've made some incredible art projects(check out these Socktopuses), acted out some exciting animal stories, and shared their unique knowledge and talents each day during open mic sessions.

Our youngest campers were super focused this week at ETC Beginnings: Ocean Adventures: Sea Creatures. They've explored the depths of the ocean while learning about their actor tools, created an original story about a shipwreck, had a dance party, and crossed a magic swimming pool, all while having time for art, snack, friends, & fun!


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