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Original works galore!

This week's camps have been very focused on the creation of completely original, one-of-a-kind, never to be seen again, productions.

For the second week of Musical Revue, campers have been rehearsing their original revue, starting with a first read through of the script they finished last week. The rest of the week so far has been focused on finishing touches and rehearsal. That means learning the choreography (and helping create it) for the last 2 songs, as well as rehearsal rehearsal rehearsal! Not to mention pulling together or creating any props and costume pieces they'll need.

Meanwhile at Creative Drama - Drama Detectives, campers have been using their actor tools of body, voice, and imagination to solve mysteries, and create an original story of their own. Their final sharing promises to be full of fun and mysterious characters and situations including time travel, donut holes, and an under-snow lair.

Shake the Screen teen filmmaking camp is finishing up with 5 films in production and post-production, including adaptations of Sherlock Holmes, Cinderella, Romeo & Juliet, The Wizard of Oz, and a speech from Shakespeare's Henry V. To get all these films made, campers are pulling double and triple duty: writing and acting in these films, also lighting, shooting, and editing them. It's a truly collaborative camp and we can't wait to see the finished products, which will be shown to friends and family on Friday, and up on our YouTube channel soon after.

At Page to Stage, campers have been working hard in their first week to come up with unique story ideas of their own, as they'll be premiering a completely original play at the end of next week. Ideas flow through the combination of characters, location, & situation in improv games, as well as dedicated writing time. In addition to their writing and improvisation, they're also learning story structure, and honing their acting skills. Plus, the CIT group is learning how to direct! We can't wait to share more details and they finalize them, so make sure to read next week's post.


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