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Our Summer Journey Continues

It's almost the end of our 7th week of summer camps for 2021 and we're still going strong. We have 5 camps running this week, including 3 two-week camps in their second week each.

Creative Drama: Jungle Journeys

At Creative Drama this week, campers have acted like rainforest animals, made their own explorer binoculars, and created and performed original scenes, such as "The Baby and the Beasts" & "The Volcano Family".

Camp Comedy & Camp Comedy Studios

Filmmakers and comedians combine at Camp Comedy and Camp Comedy Studios. This week the younger campers from Camp Comedy have acted in original films created by the teen filmmakers at Camp Comedy Studios, including an original movie musical!

Musical Debut

Musical Debut campers have had a crash course in Greek Mythology, created characters, and written an original show based on improvisation games and exercises. This week their learning their songs in preparation for the big show on Friday!

Make 'em Laugh Comedy Camp

At our 2nd Falls Church camp of the season, campers are learning to get the audience rolling in the aisles by utilizing the rules of comedy.


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