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Prospero's Isle

Camp directors Mary & Sasha are working hard prepping for this summer's The Tempest: A Shakespeare Camp. They've already completed one parody song for the production & here it is ready to share with you! Take a listen, sing along, and register for camp today!

Prospero’s Isle (Sung to the tune of the Gilligan’s Island theme song)

Just sign right up, we’ll tell a tale,

A tale of a fateful trip

That starts amidst a raging storm

That could destroy the ship.

The future for the men on board’s

Not chipper, bright nor sure.

These passengers could end the play

On the ocean floor, on the ocean floor.

The weather’s made unduly rough,

The tiny ship is tossed,

A plot of fury by a wrong-ed duke,

By his brother double crossed, his brother double crossed..

The ship’s set down upon the shore of an enchanted isle,

With Caliban,

Miranda too,

Spirit Ariel, full of strife.

Auspicious stars,

Prophecies and deadly plans

All on Prospero’s isle:

But what of the royal castaways,

Brought here for a wrongful crime?

Still scheming they’ll usurp the King,

Will they do their time?

Not fish bait in the ocean blue,

They live through crashing crests,

Just to be made less comfortable,

By ghostly island pests.

There’s fun! There’s fights! There’s magic spells!

There’s gorgeous poetry,

More humorous than Hogwarts,

More dizzying than Disney!

So join us in a few months my friends,

You're sure to get a smile,

We’ll live that magic every day

Here on Prospero’s Isle!


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