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Storytelling at ETC Camps

ETC campers are encouraged to share their own ideas and have a voice in creating an original piece of theatre or film in each of our camps. This week's original stories come in many forms: scenes, a musical, a play, and films!

Creative Drama: World Travelers

This week at Creative Drama, campers have been traveling the world, discovering new animals, and even created their own hot air balloons! They will also be writing a short story together that they will then rehearse and be able to perform at home for their family.

Musical Revue

Students have spent the past two weeks learning singing, dancing, and creating an original story: Spooky Stories by the Campfire, which features chilling tales of horrifying ice cream flavors, cicadas, and an infinite time loop made of an unexpected substance.

Page to Stage

Writers shine in the first week of Page to Stage camp! Campers have let their creative ideas flow this week as they write original lines, characters, and plots in preparation for next week's world premiere performance of their murder mystery play.

Shake the Screen

In the 2-week long Shake the Screen camp, filmmakers are tasked with taking a story from the public domain (think classic fairytales, folktales, mythology, & even Shakespeare) and transform it into a film. So far, there are over 5 films in production. The finished films can all be watched on the ETC-on-Film YouTube channel after Friday's virtual screening.


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