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Summer Adventures Continue

Week 2 of Summer Camps is almost at a close and campers have certainly been having adventures. Starting with Creative Drama - Animal Adventures, campers have been writing their own adventurous animal story using cooperation and collaboration as well as their actor tools. In addition to the art projects they did at the beginning of the week, they're also now working on creating their own costumes and props for their performance of this adventurous story, which they will share with family & friends tomorrow!

The adventure is just beginning for our teen campers at Richard III: A Shakespeare Intensive. This week they have delved headfirst into the story and characters of Richard III while simultaneously learning how to direct and act theatre in the round! Talk about an adventure. They all received their roles in the play earlier this week and have begun rehearsals as well as planning the "send up" for next week. Each year teen directors at our Shakespeare camp teach the younger campers what the play is about via the "send up" - a quick comedic retelling of each scene of the play; it's a fun way to get everybody excited to tell the story to the audience together.

And in our third camp running this week, new camp director Mattie Lambert is certainly having an adventure. Mattie is the daughter of ETC founder Hope Lambert and so, naturally, started as an ETC camper from a young age. This year is her first time being a Camp Director and we're so excited! (More on this in a later entry) For her camp, ETC Beginnings - Dinosaur Tales, Mattie has her campers being super creative, and laughing wildly, as they read fun dinosaur books, make dinosaur crafts (including a sock puppet), and create their own silly dinosaur story to share with friends and family a the end of camp tomorrow. I hear their performance may involve dinosaurs showing up in unexpected places, like shopping at the supermarket!

This week has certainly been full of adventure, and we're just getting this summer started. Check back next week to see what we're up to as we continue to give More ETC in 2023!


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