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Summer Camp 2023 Has Begun!

We're doing More ETC in 2023 to celebrate our 25th year, and this week was our first summer camp of the season.

ETC Beginnings for Preschoolers (ETCB) camp for PreK-K is ETC's program for our youngest students and they started their summer exploring Animal Adventures. They began by learning the actor's tools of body, voice, & imagination (with an accompanying chant) and warming those tools up every day with fun and silly games, with an adventurous animal twist of course.

Campers join a camp director in a semi-circle learning about the actor's tools.

The half-day camp continues with exciting adventures like swimming across the imaginary pool as a farm animal of your choice, and practicing walking and posing like different animals one might find at a farm. Storytime is next with a fun book full of animals (and adventure). Each day focused on a different farm animal: chickens, sheep, & pigs specifically. All these fun activities help our campers come up with their own Animal Adventure story including magical cats, horses, and a loud duck, which they will be performing for an audience of their friends and family tomorrow!


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