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With a little bit of imagination...

We bring all kinds of stories and characters to life! At camps this week it's been all about imagination and the power it has to transform.

At ETC Beginnings camp for preschoolers, this week has been all about exploring the rainforest. That means learning the four layers of the rainforest, and which animals and plants live in each one. Then, of course, comes the imagination part, where campers use their actor tools (voice, body, & imagination) to transform themselves into different animals based on the layer they're focused on for the day. Today was the canopy, and yesterday was the emergent layer, in which campers discovered what it would be like to be a butterfly, bird, or bat! Campers have also made a different rainforest craft each day as well as rehearsed an original story to share with friends and family on Friday. Lots of learning, fun, and imagination!!

Creative Drama - Fairytales: Frozen Fun campers have been using their imaginations (as well as bodies & voices) to explore all the magical ways the ice and cold can be tons of fun, silly, and even sometimes scary. The campers have also been writing their own snow-filled original story to perform on Friday for friend and family (it features emperor penguins and a familiar sponge). They have also been making a craft per day, including a snowman mask!

That's a Wrap is ETC-on-Film's no-holds-barred program to end a summer of creative filmmaking, so imagination is key. Campers work together to create original film ideas with no limitations on theme or genre and then also collaborate to act, light, shoot, and edit them into final films. They're working on 5 different films so far, and finishing them all in only 5 days is no easy task. We cannot wait to see what they've created, which they'll share first with friends and family at a final screening on Friday, and then uploaded to YouTube for the public.

ETC's main playwriting camp, Page to Stage, is in its second week, which means making final tweaks to scripts, staging, rehearsing, directing, & costuming the original play they collaborated to create. The rehearsal process for an original work can take almost as imagination as writing it to begin with. For instance, how do you act in a play where a main plot point is based on vegetable samosas, but you want the audience to take it seriously? Not to mention memorizing lines and remembering blocking. We look forward to seeing the imaginative play the campers have created completely from scratch at their one and only performance on Friday!

As you can see, imagination is a huge part of camp, not just this week, but every week. We have one more week of camp, and we can't wait to see what the campers imagine next!


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