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Young & Creative

This week's camps are Intro to Film & Creative Drama: Musical Theatre. What do musical theatre and filmmaking have in common? Well, for one thing, these specialty topics were reserved for older campers for many years, but thanks to the intuition of some ETC staff members years ago, we've proven year after year that these special skills can be successfully taught and learned at a younger age.

Our youngest musical theatre learners have been working tirelessly on their final sharing, and visual art projects. They've used their imaginations and bodies to become all sorts of things(like a flying triceratops) during improvisation, learned choreography, music, & lyrics for 2 musical numbers, and written their own story and script to tie everything together!

Meanwhile, our youngest filmmakers

have been hard at work learning the process of filmmaking. They've developed story ideas, learned to preproduce, film, and edit them (not to mention act in them), all while coming to understand exactly how collaborative an art form filmmaking truly is. They are learning the roles of Director of Photography, Director, & Assistant Director on their films, full of princesses, monsters, & wacky chefs!


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