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A Tempest is Brewing

This week ETC Summer Camp is focused on our first ever summer camp program, now in it's 25th year! What was known for many years as the "Summer Classic" camp, has grown and evolved into this year's "The Tempest: A Shakespeare Camp." Under the direction of Sasha Olinick & Mary Myers, the campers are about to premier their production of Shakespeare's The Tempest as performers, and also directors in the case of the teen campers.

In the first week of this program, teen campers meet to read the play, and

understand it inside out, so that by the time the youth campers arrive the second week, they can explain it to them in what is known as the "Send up," a comedic, quick retelling of the play to get the whole camp excited and ready to work.

Then, for 9 days, the teen directors direct their youth campers in scenes from the play, while simultaneously being directed in the remaining scenes by Sasha, culminating this Friday in a complete play! Meanwhile, they've also been having workshops on Directing, and most recently commedia dell'arte from Teaching Artists Kathleen Akerley & Francesca Chilcote respectively. The youth campers have been learning clowning, stage combat, and physical comedy as well.

The final performance is at 5:30PM tomorrow and we could be more excited! Check back soon for more pictures of the process and the product.


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