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Only one day left...

We're down to the last day of Summer Camps and it's bittersweet. We've had a stupendous summer and we're going out with a bang, but we're also looking forward to all the fun coming up this fall and onward!

We have 3 final sharings tomorrow for ETC Beginnings - Swashbucklers & Scalawags, Creative Drama - Rainforest Rangers, and the combined Acting Out: Stories! & Acting Out: Teen Intensive.

So far this week at ETC Beginnings, campers have been having a rollicking good time learning all about pirating! They've learned pirate speak, swum in a magical swimming pool, made pirate crafts, and even found some buried treasure at the end of a tricky obstacle course. Of course, they've also created a unique pirate story that they will perform at their sharing for family and friends, which means they've been rehearsing that too. What a week!

Creative Drama campers have also been busy creating an original play, set in the rainforest, of course. They started rehearsals for it today, which means they'll have the whole thing ready in less than 2 days! Amazing. Earlier this week they wrote the story for their play and played all sorts of rainforest themed acting games, as well as working to boost teamwork and creativity. They've also made a bunch of crafts to fill their rainforest, including frogs, snakes & monkeys!

Acting Out: Stories! campers have been working on learning the basics of storytelling and how to do so using their bodies & voices, as well as keying in their imaginations to create stories of their own. They've been collaborating with the older campers at Acting Out: Teen Intensive to devise original scenes that they will perform at the final sharing. The Teen Campers have also been working on monologues to hone their foundational acting techniques, as well as improvisation and ensemble building. They've also been learning to mentor the Youth Campers and provide an outside eye on the work their doing. The combined sharing for both Acting Out camps promises to be masterful.

So that's it for this year's Summer Camps... We're not really ready to let them go, so we'll be sharing photos and videos soon so you can all recall the fond memories of Summer 2023. Also coming up on October 29th is our 25th Anniversary Fundraiser - To the Future!, so mark your calendars for that, and we'll see you real soon!


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