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Creative Drama Campers Blast Off!

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Each day at Creative Drama: Outer Space Adventures, we begin with our actor warm-ups, do movement games (some space-themed, like "Astronauts and Aliens," some not), tell stories using our actor tools, and do an art project. So far this week, we have created rocket ships, galaxy paintings with negative space, and our own planets.

It's incredible to see how quickly everyone is making friends. Even socially distanced (using our handy satellite arms to stay apart when in the hallway), the campers have all made connections with each other. The campers come up with such fun ideas! Today, we told the story of "The 3 Rovers and the Green Astronaut" (very similar to "The 3 Little Pigs") thanks to suggestions from our campers and everyone used their bodies, voices, and imaginations to help act it out!

There are 7 more fun themed weeks of Creative Drama camp, and space is still available for most of them. See what else we have in store this summer!


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