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Meet Pam

We recently asked one of our Teaching Artists, Pam Freedy, to share some about her love of teaching.

ETC: What is your favorite thing to teach?

Pam: I love teaching character development. The process of stepping into someone else's shoes strengthens our ability to empathize with others and look at the world from another perspective. I'm always amazed at the different techniques performers use to build their characters. There is no one right way to do it!

ETC: Why do you love teaching theatre?

Pam: I love teaching theatre because it taps into creativity I never knew I had. My imagination is free to wander, the farther the better. On a daily basis we so often hear the words no, but theatre is a place for YES, let's try that!

ETC: What got you interested in teaching?

Pam: Throughout elementary and middle school I had a variety of theatre teachers who encouraged my creativity and instilled a level of confidence in myself that I was frequently hiding away. I quickly realized that I wanted to do that too.

Pam will be teaching our

Acting Out Neighborhood Class.

Mondays, starting October 18



Find out more about our Neighborhood Classes, and register today!


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