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Themes Reign at Creative Drama

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

This week, we commenced the first Creative Drama of the summer with Fairy Tales: Frozen Fun! Each week of Creative Drama for rising K-2nd graders is a different theme, so students can connect to what they love!

We start the day by passing the frozen energy and coloring our favorite characters. Each day, we read a new fairy tale and act it out as a group. Each afternoon, we act out Frozen Stories--building snow men, creating ice castles, and visiting the beach in summer!

In Art, we create costume pieces, like tiaras, wands, capes, and even reindeer antlers!

Our favorite drama games include:

- Queen, May I?

- Elves, Wizards, Giants

and, of course...

- Freeze Dance!

There are 8 more fun themed weeks of Creative Drama camp, and space is still available for most of them. See what else we have in store this summer!


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