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Young Songwriters

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Hi! Dan Paris here, founder of Young Songwriters. I’m so excited to team up with ETC this summer to offer our first ever Songwriting Camp for teenagers in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

I’ve been fortunate to teach a songwriting elective for high school and middle school students at H-B Woodlawn for almost six years. Every year we have twenty, or so students take the class. With such a great turnout year after year, I started thinking to myself, “If we have twenty songwriters, how many songwriters do the other area high schools and middle schools have and what are they up to?”

And that’s how Young Songwriters came about. I created it to bring together teen songwriters from all over the area to build community, collaborate and grow our songwriting craft.

A good friend who had been with ETC for quite some time, suggested the idea of our two organizations partnering up to offer a songwriting camp. Everyday in our camp, we’ll explore songwriting techniques, write original songs individually and with other songwriters, and practice performing our songs for each other.

The pandemic delayed us for two summers, but now we’re eager and ready to get started.

You can register for Young Songwriters Camp RIGHT NOW!

Grades 7-12

July 11-15

M-F 9am-6pm

H-B Woodlawn


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