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Camp is Almost Here!

We are officially less than 50 days away(46 to be exact) to the first day of Summer Camps! That's 6 weeks & some change. Less than 2 months. We can't wait!

We're already underway getting camp staff in place, ordering equipment & supplies, and excitedly counting registrations as more and more of you join us for another amazing summer. If this is your first summer as part of our community, welcome! If you're joining us for the 10th year or more, we're so glad to have you back!

This summer we have 28 camps!
  • 5 ETC Beginnings camps

  • 9 Creative Drama camps

  • 1 Shakespeare camp

  • 2 Musical Theatre camps

  • 3 comedy camps at Fall Church

  • 2 Acting Out Camps

  • 4 ETC-on-Film camps

  • 1 playwriting camp

  • 1 songwriting camp

In the next 46 days look out for more info about our camp preparations & staffing announcements. See you this summer!


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