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Comedic Genius

This week, ETC Summer Camps are all about comedy, creativity, & genius...

At Acting Out: Comedy vs. Drama, campers have been learning the tricks to comedy. They've focused on their actor tools, the basics of storytelling, what makes something funny, and even directing; They've worked with scripts as well as improvisation. Up next, drama!

Over in Falls Church, campers at Sketch Comedy Camp have been busy making each other laugh with improv games and group-devised sketches, all while building their knowledge of effective comedy, from timing to word choice. Now they're working in smaller groups to write and perform final sketches for their sharing on Friday.

The campers at Creative Drama: Creative Geniuses have been putting their brains to work figuring out just what exactly makes a creative genius, and how to become one. As mad scientists, they've made self-portraits, and performed science experiments, including making "elephant toothpaste." They've also learned why focus is an important tool in becoming a creative genius, & even used that focus to tell 24 stories with no words in 5.5 seconds!

Meanwhile, we have two 2-week camps running as well, Shake the Screen, & Musical Revue. Those campers have been hard at work learning and honing some specialty skills, which we'll share more about next week, so stay tuned!


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