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ETC at Sycamore

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

ETC is teaching classes at The Sycamore School again!

Acting & Improv & Filmmaking

This Fall, ETC is providing the theatre and film enrichment classes at The Sycamore School, both electives and after school. We've been partnering with them since they were founded, but this is our biggest semester to date!

The middle school acting class, taught by Scott Abernethy, is focusing on theatrical storytelling. They'll be devising, analyzing, revising, and acting in an original performance to take place in January.

In Molly Kaufman's improv class, students are focusing on gaining confidence on stage through exercises and improvisation. The goal is to finish the semester with a full improv show!

In the after school ETC-on-Film club, led by Chris Andersen, students are working through the entire process of creating a film. They've already learned to set up a shot, and have written and presented film pitches for the semester. They'll also learn to storyboard and edit before the semester's up.

Learn more

If you want to learn more about The Sycamore School, check out this great article from Arlington Magazine highlighting Karyn Ewart, Founder & Head of School.


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