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Film Club at The Sycamore School

A Truly Collaborative Artform

Chris Andersen here, director of this fall's ETC-on-Film Club at The Sycamore School. I am very proud of the Film Club at The Sycamore School. They created a madcap film in very little time(that you can watch above) called “Spaghetti Monster Dinner.” Since we meet once a week, the filmmakers had to keep bringing in more spaghetti. Juju wrote a story that keeps surprising us until the end. Glory’s sharp and discerning direction put all of the messy pieces together. Hartly worked hard editing and re-editing the film between club meetings--and wrote three techno music tracks for the film that really push up the pace and tension. Tyler, Fadwa, and Hartly gave great performances and were surprised to learn how much spaghetti they had to make, eat, and clean up to keep doing new takes. The filmmakers are proud of their work and have already started writing their next film: a Christmas thriller.


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