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Storytelling Time!

This week's been all about storytelling at ETC camps. Between Creative Drama: Silly Storytellers & The Tempest: A Shakespeare Camp we're telling all sorts of stories.

The Silly Storytellers at Creative Drama have been coming up with stories about summer time activities(and aliens) while also creating art projects, learning the basics of storytelling, and building their actor tools. They're also working on their final performance for their end-of-camp sharing on Friday.

Teens at The Tempest: A Shakespeare Teen Intensive have been busy at work learning to tell their story as both actors and directors. So far, they've read the play, been cast, started rehearsals, taken 2 directing workshops, planned the theme and design of the play, been assigned their directing partners and scenes, and started directing their youth camper casts. Whew! And they're only halfway through camp!

We can't wait to share more pictures from these amazing storytellers and the stories they'll be telling this summer. If you want your camper to become a storyteller, there's still time to register for camps throughout the summer!


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